Brian teaches others best communication practices learned from years of experience on live TV as both host and guest plus speaking to groups large and small. We will use some or all tools to prepare you for your time including cameras, microphones, lights, studios, audiences.

Areas of focus include interview skills, applying for college or a senior position at your job, important interviews. Brian will help you prepare so you’re ready to get what you want.

If a recording device is going to be shoved in your face, Brian will teach you how to redirect, get your speaking points across, stay on point, come across as human, give the reporter what they want, and be invited back.

When presenting live to a board of directors, management, peers, and others you’ll work on the verbal – speaking points, ums, pauses, tone, etc… and the non-verbal – body language, eye contact, use of stage, dress etc..

Brian is also available for presentations to groups about how to communicate more effectively in business and life.

Maintaining your Humanity in the Digital Age
Stay on Topic
Improving Customer Satisfaction Through Better Communication
Secrets of Master Communicators
Authentic Communication: Being yourself in front of a group
and others.